Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not as crazy as it sounds

I’ve said it over and over and I mean it: I am preparing to sail around the world in an 11 foot boat. The idea is that I want to capture Serge Testa’s record. He went around in a 12 footer 20 years ago. Nav systems and boat construction materials have only gotten better since then. To me that’s pretty good evidence that I can get around in an 11 footer now.

People already think I’m a little loony for staking that claim. Now that I’ve announced my intention to open up my route planning and navigation to public control over the Internet, some people think I’m certifiable. But I don’t think so. I compare my idea with the open source movement or with wikipedia and it gives me a good feeling. Software like linux is better because more people work on it. More eyeballs catch mistakes. Same with the wikipedia. I read that vandalism is the biggest source of errors and the effect of vandalism are corrected within 20 minutes.

If I make navigation control of my boat public I’m sure there will be people trying to steer me to the rocks. But that will be balanced by people helping me out and doing the right thing. It’s a really interesting experiment. I think it will be really cool to Captain the first collaborative circumnavigation. I welcome all thoughts and assistance from anyone reading this.