Friday, March 10, 2006

Turning Forty, Etc.

It occurred to me today that I am about to turn forty. Not in age, in Humpcasts. This Monday will mark our fortieth episode of the Captain Humphreys Project. This fact has made me realize how much progress the project has made in the last forty days.

When we started, I remember vividly, David and Glenn at odds over whether a daily show was possible. David was filled with excitement at the chance to do it, Glenn was more cautious. He wondered what would happen if we missed a day? Would Missing a daily show throw the entire project into chaos. Sort of like if missed a daily episode. Would it hurt them from a marketing or advertising perspective. Even worse, what if a daily show missed several days per month, would that fact spell the end?

Well, it should be obvious we took the chance and started doing daily shows. And here we are almost forty shows later. I think, with maybe three exceptions, the shows keep getting better and better. I think we have fallen into a nice pattern and are working well as a team.Hats off to Bob and David who write the shows!

Also of note is our recent acceptance as a Brightcove Partner. Brightcove is the much reported new company started by Jeremy Allaire - the guy who founded a little company called Macromedia. Brightcove is the next generation of web-based video programming and syndication platforms. Watching Glenn manipulate and populate the Brightcove Console Tool was very exciting. There is so much a Video syndicator can do with the tools, and it is made so simple. Just look at the new Brightcove player on the homepage, or the truly stunning Brightcove Archive Page. Membership in the Brightcove Beta Partnership Club is very limited and prestigious. I am so happy to report that we are now "down with the 'cove"!

The Crew bleeped the "curse words" in today’s show. The mission is to get me around the world in the smallest boat and set a world record that hasn’t been challenged for way too long (20 years). It’s not to have overprotective parents trying to get us off the web. But, c’mon man. Doesn’t everyone know what’s being said behind the bleep? Bleeping seems like a stupid solution. Then again every frikkin' show on TV has at least 4 bleeps a segment. Also, if you take a survey of the really creepy crap on the internet, a couple of curses become really meaningless.

The controversy over the "Grumpcast" has me confused. About as many people hated it as loved it. What gives? I thought Bob was very grumpy. I was really disturbed by the way Bob ranted and raved at the poor girl and thought she was going to burst out crying any moment. Well, the very same girl emailed David that she loved the show and so did her friends. She can’t wait to come back. Just goes to prove, having a cast filled with sadists is always the way to go, baby.

It happened again. Someone I didn’t know asked me if I am the Captain. I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. Hopefully I’ll get on the boat sooner rather than later and the whole issue will be over, as the only recognition I will get at sea is from pirates or the giant squid. they won't call me The Captain! They will figure out unpleasant things to do to me.