Friday, February 03, 2006

On "Playing" The Captain

I just love playing the Captain on our show. The thing is, there is a real difference between "The Captain" and Eric Humphreys. For one, Eric Humphreys does not have a theme song. The Captain does. Thanks to our house band Travellers, The Captain has a theme song called Four Points. Eric Humphreys is lucky to get a free play out of the jukebox.

When I was a kid I had it tough. Typical 1970s family bizarro stuff. This fact resulted in me leaving home and trying to find some fun and adventure. Anything to add some sunlight to my stormy past, I guess. Anyway, through boatbuilding school and various jobs in various sailing oriented parts of the world, I finally realized what I wanted to do.

I wanted to sail around the world.

The idea of the smallest boat and the world record came later. But the thought of sailing around the world appealed to me. I never really felt at home "in a home" or later "in my apartment". The only place that felt like home was sailing on the open seas or living in my old trusty houseboat "Eggbeater" back in Nantucket.

Many people ask if I am scared of the voyage around the world. To them I say, "Look, I've already had extensive inter-continental sailing experiences, and I have already survived a two week stranding at sea." I think that says it all. My fear is more about being able to make a good show for all our viewers. I hope it isn't six months of Eric complaining about needing more laxatives or not having enough blankets.

However, I have been told by many (including my current crew) that I am a funny kind of guy, so I should be able to crank out amusing and interesting episodes. I will make sure that every episode is both amusing and interesting.

I want to thank you, our viewers, for showing an interest in this project. Without your viewership and support, there would be no Captain Humphreys Project.

Tell your friends about the website, and keep watching!


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