Friday, February 17, 2006

Excuses and Pillow Fights

It’s been awhile since I posted. That’s because I’ve been busier than usual lately. In fact, the whole team has been busier than usual lately with changes to the website and other organizational matters. Glenn is the web guy so normally I would think that the changes would effect his life and I wouldn’t really suffer any consequences from it. But it doesn’t work that way. Something that effects one member of our small crew seems to effect all of us, so while Glenn has born the brunt of the work on the site, it’s still eaten into the rest of our time.

We have to discuss all the changes, for example, and meeting just seems to take forever. I’m happy with the changes, though, so it’s nothing I mind. Glenn’s really polishing it up nicely. We’ve got a new forum where you can – embarrassingly for me – read people’s varied opinions on whether my current weight is a positive or a negative for my circumnavigation attempt. To tell the truth I die a little every time I see myself on camera. But if that’s what it takes to make this thing happen, I’m just going to suck it up and get on with it.

There are posts on the forum from other sailors who know about boat design too and some technical discussion about rigging type etc. Glenn has also figured out our RSS feeds and fixed them up so that people with Ipods can now get feeds of our shows.

There’s this event in Union Square tomorrow. Some sort of organized mass pillow fight. David’s going to bring the camera and I’m going to participate. I think he’s planning on using the footage next week on the show. What does that have to do with sailing, my trip, or anything? I don’t know. He says it’ll make interesting footage.

What else? I don’t know. I’m just burnt. Plus I’m writing this at work and a bunch of people just walked in so that’s my excuse to sign off.


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