Thursday, January 05, 2006

Boat Schmoat

So David thinks my self righting boat idea is crazy. What else is new? Let me tell you I have sailed Many times and a self righting boat is the way to go. If the boat tends to tip and then right itself, all the better. Better than capsizing that is. We hope to populate the "boat" page on the website with some of the designs soon.

I am also pleased to announce the new "Captain Approved" merchandise line called "He'll Crap Over the Side." Every purchase helps us raise the funds that will be used to build the boat and get me in the water. To this end a new "Donation" page has been setup as well. Here you can make direct cash donations using PayPal. I am very grateful to everyone who has made a donation. I am very excited about building the boat and start sailing. All I need is the funds, so keep the support coming!

I'll keep you all posted...


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