Monday, January 02, 2006

Away We Go

Many things on the horizon...The Captain Humphreys project is entering a second phase. You may notice more and more content appearing on the website in the next few days. Our vision is a site that has a lot of content and a lot of begging for donations.

We have decided that going the corporate route was a mistake. The corporations currently in charge of content creation and distribution were scared off by the project because of the threat to my life sailing around the world entailed. They loved the concept and found the project very entertaining and funny. However, many decision makers could not digest the fact that I would actually be sailing around the world in a tiny boat.

My death aside, I think this kind of mentality is pervasive in the corporate hallways. The fear of the unknown and the desire to "manage risk" has dumbed down much of the content being delivered into the public mind. I believe there is a great un-tapped audience who yearns to see innovative and edgy programming like the Captain Humphreys project.

So, we have arrived at the next stage in the story. If the corporate mind has no place for the project, then the internet will. We will bring the story directly to the people, and the people will also become part of the story.

Stay tuned...


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